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We meet at the St Leonards & St Ives Village Hall every 1st & 3rd TUESDAY of the month, from 6-30pm till about 9-00pm

There is a 5 joining fee, each year, to cover the cost of insurance and then everyone pays 3.00 for each night they attend which includes tea or coffee and a biscuit.

If you don't come you don't pay!

We don't aim to make a profit but surplus funds, if there are any, are used to purchase tools, books DVD's etc. that members can borrow,

as long as we can cover the hire charges and the catering we're happy.

Ringwood Woodcarvers 2012
Breamore House Clocktower
ringwood woodcarvers looking good in club shirts at our xmas meeting in 2011
breamore house clock tower
Members of Ringwood Woodcarvers help with Breamore House Clock Tower Restoration


Clock tower

Mike from Ringwood Woodcarvers was recently asked by James Babb, to help with the restoration of the clock tower at Breamore House.
The octagonal brick built clock tower was built it 1860 to house an elevated water tank, which supplied water to her ladyships newly installed bath in Breamore house, the water being pumped up to the tank from an underground stream.

On the top of the tower an elaborate cupola was constructed to house the four clock faces, with a bell mounted above.
The domed roof is supported on eight massive oak pillars and it is these that Mike Tuck, was asked to help with.

Each one of the pillars started off as a 12” square post which had to be machined on a giant lathe by a Company in Bridgewater.
The top and bottom of each pillar then required carving to match the rotted originals. Careful measuring and marking out was done before the hand crafting began. The work had to be completed in five weeks, as the scaffolding around the tower had to come down in mid June, so Mike asked for the help of Mike Street and professional woodcarver Sarah Goss from Petersfield.

The Ringwood Woodcarvers met Sarah at the recent Yandles show where she was exhibiting. Sarah has a first class BA hons in woodcarving and is now specialising in architectural carving as well as gifts and gilded ware, we feel very priviledged to be working on the same project with her.

Mike Tuck
mike tuck working on the head of column one
Column one Bottom end Top end pattern

First cuts

one of eight new oak pillars bottom end pattern with new column top end rotted pattern first cuts on the top of column number one
Top roof frame Mike Street   Top detail
the top roof frame. the short uprights are the top ends of the old columns that ours will replace.

mike street working on the base of the first column

columns awaiting carving are wrapped in cling film to retain the moisture a little more detail added to the top end
Frame members
Lower end finished



Clock face
James Babb Workshops
restored frame members awaiting assembly lower end finish carved awaiting sanding by james babbs craftsmen james babb's workshop with all the columns being worked on some cracking evident as the columns dry out one of four copper clock faces cleaned off and awaiting restoration
Painted top end Top and bottom in white Crane Column in position Close Up of Installation
top end finished in white and looking good both ends shown in white finish first column being positioned on the clocktower close up of the installation team
James Babb




Cupola Cupola in place
First four columns
a very pleased and relieved james babb the first four columns are now in place the cupola roof being rigged for lifting the cupola roof now in position
Mike on the ladder Inside the tower Columns inside James Babb and Mike Tuck
mike chickens out of going up the next ladder going up the inside of the tower is easier two of the columns from inside the tower james babb and miketuck at the top of the tower with our columns just above our heads

Link to the "Ringwood Woodcarvers" article with photographs in edition 126 of the "Woodcarving Magazine"

(with grateful thanks to the "Woodcarving Magazine" for their permission to use this article)

Ringwood Woodcarvers move to bigger room at the village hall (Sept 20110)


Please contact me: Mike Tuck - tel: 01425 475129

December 2010 - "Tony's Tips" added to the site, 4 more added in January 2011



General view
tracy on her second project
carol working on her leaf
Ken helping Philippa
Mike Street helps Louise
ken gives philippa some humorous banter stuart applying some fine finishing skills mike street helps louise
three of our members
Mike Tuck

three of our members at work

Moira, ken and tony

mike tuck carves a gardening glove - why?

to go with his wooden hedge trimmer of course!

Jean with bull

On the left is Jean, one of our many lady carvers, working on her bull.

Jean is also a very talented artist, she painted my portrait and is a very acomplished botanical artist and has had her work recognised commercially.

Jean is channeling much of her spare time into her pyrography work,specialising in images on natural-edge wooden plaques and most unusually on cow horn.

One of her other hobbies is spinning wool and she is extrememly knowledgable on the subject.

Follow the link below to see some of her work on the Hants & Dorset Stickmakers website under

"JC Crafts"


We sometimes have a speaker or demonstrator along to our meetings especially just before Christmas, when we have the odd sausage roll and mince pie.

We are very informal so come along to one of our meetings and have a look at what we're doing, have a go and you might discover a hidden talent.

We are usually invited to demonstrate and show our work at "Bygone Days" South Gorley, near Fordingbridge, over the first weekend in August.

Or look out for us in the craft tent at Ellingham and Ringwood Agricultural show at Somerley Park, just North of Ringwood on the second Saturday in August.

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