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The first Ringwood Woodcarvers BBQ in 2011
A late afternoon on July 31st the perfect end to a lovely warm summer day, good food, so they all said and good company with some silly games to finish off the day. The ever so shy Philippa showed everone the way to play "Aunt Sally" getting 5 out of 6 on her first ever go, completely whitewashing the whole group. For those who haven't seen this game it involves knocking a wooden knob off its perch using six sticks thrown underarm.
BBQ 2011
Master Chef
Mikes back garden - showing off the new banner chief chef - Mike tuck
The Mike Street lecture
is mike street drunk or is he holding court? all looks very serious
BBQ 2011
Jean Cosser
Mike smith in the middle, his wife ann opposite mick martin with his back to the camera and our youngest recruit philippa roberts and my wife dot in rear. just going out of shot on the right is another of our( slightly more mature girls) -annie barnes. hope you're happy now you've got a mention! jean cosser fraternises with the assistant chef - my son graeme and his partner caroline graeme is a professional chef and is in charge of catering at the "dorset do"