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The Christmas Carving meeting 2014 with Alan "Lall" Sims

Alan Sims arrived early and set up his display without our help so it was a great surprise to us all as unveiled his carving one by one.

Alan related tales from his very intersting life by way of his carvings, which were unbeleivably good, see pictures below.

Alan Simms Alan Simms Alan Simms
dandelion on a garden trowel dandelion from above ballet shoes
Alan Simms Alan Simms Alan Simms Alan Simms
an apple for the teacher - inside a purse the pin was unclipped and passed through the "fabric" a rose

the screwdriver and keys are painted on

the backround by anna sims


The Xmas 2011 Big Band night at the St Leonards Hotel

A really good night enjoyed all who went, 16 in all, shame there weren't a few more.

The food is always good here but this year the Xmas menu was fantastic, I honestly can't remember when I last tasted Beef as good and the "Swing Unlimited" Big Band with leader Pat Piero were fantastic.

Jean Cosser
Swing Unlimited
Moira Powell
jean looking radiant and enjoying the band
pat piero the bandleader also sings as well as talks and plays the trumpet (not all at once)
moira enjoyed it so much she used party popper ear trumpets to enhance the sound
Ringwood Woodcarvers Summer BBQ July 2011.......... click here
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Other events: Soap carving evening below

The Ringwood Woodcarvers regularly attend a couple of local shows every year but we are sometimes invited to join other groups when they are displaying their work.

We sometimes invite speakers and demonstrators to our meetings and this page will feature these special events.

Below is Alan Mechen from Hampshire Woodcarvers teaching us to carve a face on a bar of soap, a brilliant evening.


soap carving
Alan Mechen
alan mechen instructs the group in carving a bar of soap how to carve a face on tesco's finest
the tools
the end result
the tools of the soap-carving trade the end result - now wash your hands!
Other events: "The Great Dorset Do"
Each year at the beginning of October we join forces with the "Hants and Dorset Stickmakers" to help them organise this event. if you click on the link it will take you to the Stickmakers page with more information on the "Dorset Do" . Below are some of the carvings displayed at previous "Do's"
Dorset do 2009 Bill merrington's work
is she looking at alan frampton's sticks? Bill merrington's bigger then life-size busts