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The Ringwood Woodcarvers break away

(extract from local paper in 2006)


"Ringwood Woodcarvers" always used to meet at Ringwood School, under the “Adult Education” system administered by Brockenhurst College, where we could use the workshop and it’s benches.

Pete Wheeler, who had been tutor, at Ringwood, for a number of years, gave it up in 2004 because of the increasing bureaucracy, which was not appropriate for a club where people meet for social reasons and to help each other. Project plans and assessments etc. were increasingly required to qualify for government grants

In September 2005 fellow woodcarver Mike Tuck suggested we break away from the school and find other premises to meet in. We visited our friends at Mudeford Woodcarvers and we were encouraged to see how they managed in a village hall, with their work clamped to ordinary tables. So we visited local church halls and village halls and finally chose St. Ives village hall, just off the A31 at St Leonard’s, west of Ringwood.


We welcome beginners and more experienced members, men and ladies, with or without tools. Pete has now moved away from the area so the club is administered by Mike Tuck

Please contact: Mike Tuck in St Ives on: 01425 475129

For the purposes of insurance etc. RINGWOOD WOODCARVERS now incorporates:


The Stickmaking group was Founded by Pete wheeler in 2004 as a natural extension of Woodcarving, to bring together stickmakers in our area. Assisted by fellow carver Mike Tuck and the committee the club now has about 60 members and meets several times a year, on Sunday afternoons at Woodlands Village hall near Verwood.

See link to stickmakers website.